BGRABitmap is a package designed to modify and create images with transparency. Direct pixel access allows fast image processing. The library has been tested on Windows, Ubuntu and Mac.

You can also install BGRABitmap with Lazarus Online Package Manager. Also you can get a fresh installation of Lazarus and BGRABitmap with FPCUpDeluxe.

You can read more about BGRABitmap in the wiki. And also you can follow a tutorial to learn how to use BGRABitmap.


LazPaint is a cross platform image editor supporting filters, color and image manipulation and of course painting tools. Made with BGRABitmap.

You can read more about LazPaint in the wiki.

BGRA Controls

BGRAControls is a set of UI components to use with Lazarus forms editor. Customize the color and shape of buttons, panels and many custom controls. Everything made with BGRABitmap.

BGRA Contest

Participations of Lazarus Graphics related Contests. Started in 2015 and continued in 2016, the graphics contest is a way to prove your skils and made something unique with Lazarus graphic libraries, included BGRABitmap.